The Darkest Adventure

Now You See Me

As the group of adventurers sailed across the dark, murky water, they gazed off into the horizon and saw the faint glow of the town they were trying to reach. The city appeared to be a dull, hazy smudge throughout the inky blackness of the underdark providing little sign of hope or optimism. Even as the only source of light as far as the eye could see, it still seemed to be a bleak place that was not welcoming to outsiders.

As the boats pulled up to the docks that they hoped were deserted, the adventurers saw what looked to be a fight happening on the wharf. A grey dawrf was being besieged on all sides by others of a similar hide, yet dressed very different to the modest garb he was wearing. It was obvious that this lone grey dwarf would not last long against his assailants as they continued to strike at him from multiple angles.

The adventurers positioned themselves in the boat; melee in the front; ranged in the back. As the boat pulled alongside the wharf they sprang into action. Gabriel and Ian leaped from the bow and charged at the strangely covered assailants while Jaragorn remained in the boat and began to rain arrows on them from afar.

With the attention focused on the lone grey dwarf, the assailants did not immediately see the adventurers charging them. Gabriel engaged one of the assailants and delivered a mighty blow, but amazingly they seemed to ignore him and continue trying to attack the grey dwarf. Even as Ian landed decisive blows to the assailants, they remained fixated on the dwarf.

The assailants fixation on the grey dwarf proved to be their downfall as the adventurers quickly tore them apart with little effort. As the dust settled, the group turned to the grey dwarf and asked him his name and what had happened. The grey dwarf responded that his name was Werz Saltbaron and that he was a merchant in this town. Saltbaron thanked the adventurers for their assistance but did not know why he was the target of such an attack. Saltbaron recognized the assailants as for hire assassins, but why they were after him was a mystery. Ian searched through the pockets of the assassins and found a piece of paper with Saltbaron’s face on it, which appeared to be a kill order of some kind. Saltbaron thanked the group again for the assistance and suggested that they visit his shop the next day. Then without warning, the grey dwarf walked off and disappeared in front of their eyes. Astonished, all the adventurers could do was stare in awe at the spot where the dwarf had been.

Suddenly, another dwarf materialized out of thin air and confronted the group. It was the city guard and there had been reports of a disturbance here. The guard eyed the adventurers suspiciously and asked what they were doing in the city. Ian and Gabriel tried to convince them that they were here on innocent business but the guard was not buying it. As the guards skepticism grew, more grey dwarfs dressed in the same uniform of the guard began to materialize and surround the group. Sensing that they were running out of options, Ian quickly took the head guard aside and explained what they were really doing there. As Ian talked, he discretely passed the guard a sword hoping to avoid any further confusion. The lead guard smiled slyly at Ian and told him that they could go but that he would be watching them closely and for them to not make any trouble. As suddenly as they had appeared, the guards vanished leaving the group again by themselves on the dock.

The adventurers concealed their boats as best they could then proceeded south towards the merchant district. Given that it was late in the night, they agreed to find a place to rest until morning and their browse the local wares. Within short order they found the hotel they were looking for and stepped inside.

The inside of the hotel was dark, hazily lit, but warm. It was filled with people quietly talking with each other which created a low murmur throughout the large eating area. The adventurers made their way to the bar and rented a room for the night while also purchasing a meal. Gabriel approached two dwarves at a bench and sat down with them to find out more information.

While chatting with the dwarves, Gabriel learned that more monstrous outbreaks had occurred in other towns throughout the area much like what had claimed the life of their friend ShuShar. Reports of hideous demi-gods rising from the depths were starting to crop up throughout the land. Gabriel thanked the dwarves for this information and quickly stepped back to his group explaining what he had heard. It seemed that whatever horrors they had experienced in ShuShar’s town were not isolated to there and that the nightmare was quickly spreading throughout the land.


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