The Darkest Adventure

Broken Promises

The group followed Drowki’s tracks into the slums below and walked further down into the home of the rat men. The deeper they went, the stronger the putrid smell became to the point where it threatened to overpower the adventurers.

The group emerged into the slums below and were greeted with a disgusting sight: all around them rat men scurried to and fro in the filth and muck; hissing and biting at one another amongst the dank hovels. Everywhere they looked, the group saw nothing but filth, chaos, and aggression from the rat men. Quickly realizing that they would not find any answers down here from the rat men, the group turned and retreated back they way they came, thankful to be leaving the mess behind them in the dark below.

Disheartened by the lack of progress in finding Drowki, the group made their way back to the inn and rested for the night. When they awoke in the morning, some of the adventurers began to cough and wheeze and feel like the strength had been robbed from their limbs. The pounding, relentless industries of Graklestud had made the air thick with ash and pollutants which had begun to effect the adventurers. Wiping black tinged spittle away from their mouths, the adventurers wearily made their way down the stairs to have a meal and discuss their plans for the day.

It was agreed that their best course of action was to try to track down Drowki again in the Blade Bazzar, so the group returned to the bustling market hoping to catch sight of their quarry. As they fanned out through the crowded streets, Gabriel caught sight of the Drowki who was making his way from stall to stall. Remembering what happened last time, the adventurers cautiously encircled the messenger as he obliviously continued to browse the merchant’s wares.
Once all possible avenues of escape had been cut off by the group, Gabriel cautiously approached Drowki and introduced himself. The little Darrow spun on his heel and looked up in surprise at the towering figure dressed in black plate mail standing next to him. Before Drowki could run, Gabriel extended his hand which held a few gold pieces in it. Transfixed by the shiny gold pieces, Drowki remained where he was and listened to what Gabriel had to say. Gabriel said that he had need of someone with special skills and discretion and that Drowki was the person for the job, but they needed to talk more privately. Gabriel handed the gold to the Darrow who happily followed him to a secluded alley. Like shadows cast in a forest, the rest of the group quietly moved through the crowds and followed Gabriel to the alley and surrounded it, preventing any escape by Drowki.
Once out of ear shot of the Blade Bazzar, Gabriel explained that he wanted to setup an exchange with the Grey Ghosts and had heard that Drowki knew of them. The mere mention of the Grey Ghosts spooked the little Darrow but he relaxed when Gabriel provided him with a handsome sum of gold to hear him out. With even more gold given to him, Drowki agreed to deliver a message to the Grey Ghosts: meet Gabriel at the inn tonight to discuss business. The business concluded, Drowki left the alley, unaware of the group of adventurers lying in wait to grab him if need be.
It was still early in the day so the group went to the caravan operator to enquire about transportation to the surface. The caravan operated looked up at them with a now typical gruff expression and explained that before she could do any favours for them, they would have to do something for her. The caravan operator controlled the flow of goods from the surface to the city, but somehow another route had opened up. Darrow were seen with goods from the surface, freely exchanging them throughout the city and undercutting her business. This had to stop, so she offered an exchange to the adventurers: find the source of this supply of surface goods, report it to her, and she would arrange transportation for them to the surface.
Their business concluded, the group went back to the inn and Gabriel waited for the contact to show up. Off to the side, Ian struck up his own contact in conversation about the city with a local thieves contact. Gabriel was not so fortunate. As the hours ticked by, no one approached Gabriel at his table. With only a few hours until sunrise, Gabriel silently drained the rest of his drink and proceeded up the stairs to his bed. No ghosts had visited him tonight and for that, there would recompense to be paid.
In a few short hours, morning had come and the group were awake again. After a quick feast, Gabriel marched the group back to the Blade Bazaar with a singular purpose: find Drowki. They arrived at the familiar shopping area and quietly waited for the Darrow to arrive. It did not take long for the messenger to show up in his familiar area and swiftly Gabriel moved to intercept him.
Gabriel again struck up a conversation with Drowki and asked what happened to his meeting with the Grey Ghosts. Drowki claimed that the message was delivered and he wanted nothing to do with the human again as it would most likely get him killed. Drowki began to wander away from Gabriel who again showed him a generous sum of gold. The Darrow looked back at Gabriel, then to the coins in his hands, then back at him and said it was not worth it. Drowki quickly moved away from Gabriel who motioned to Jaragorn to follow him. With a silent nod, Jaragorn deftly moved through the crowd following the Darrow like an invisible wraith. Gabriel began to follow Jaragorn and methodically, they tracked Drowki.
Once again, the little Darrow led them to the slums of the city and then suddenly turned a corner and vanished. Jaragorn waited for Gabriel to meet him at this point, then quickly the rest of the group fell in behind them. After searching the area, they found an entrance in the wall that seemed to have been where Drowki went. Stool had not caught up with them yet, so it was decided that Fergus would stay behind to meet up with him; the rest would go on ahead and catch Drowki.
Unsheathing his sword and readying his shield, Gabriel took point and walked with furious purpose into the entrance. Drowki had taken his money and did not deliver what was asked. It was time to right a wrong.


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