The Darkest Adventure

Friends in Low Places

The group woke from their fitful sleep in the mushroom cave and gradually began to assemble themselves. As they rose and stretched, distant memories began to resurface and forgotten knowledge was remembered. The feel of their equipment in their hands again helped bring dormant skills to the surface and some began to swing their weapons with renewed confidence. Sayiel, Gabriel, Ian, and Jaragorn found that they remembered some of the old training that had been displaced by memories of their cruel time in the Drow dungeon. Knowledge and experience washed over them the more they quickly practiced with their weapons and soon they found themselves more competent with their gear than the day before.

As the group made ready to leave, the Orc began to voice is displeasure over the slow speed of some of the members of the group. Ront wanted to leave Stool behind and get as far away from the Drow as possible. This was not a well received decision and Sayiel had to use his fae magic to convince Ront that no one should be left behind. Ront appeared to agree put the comments but many on edge; what would the Orc do given the opportunity?

After the exchange, Eldeth approached Syaiel, Gabriel, Ian and Jaragorn looking to break words with them. Eldeth explained that the axe she carried was of great importance to her clan and that it had to return to them; regardless if it was in her hands or not. She looked at the four adventures and asked for their promise that if she were to fall, they would see her axe safely back to her clan.

Even though they had only known each other a short while, a familiar bond had formed between Gabriel and Eldeth. In another lifetime, Gabriel had been a Captain in an army and knew the importance of oaths and honor. Gabriel agreed to honor Eldeth’s request and sealed his word with a warrior’s handshake with the dwarf.

The group headed out yet again in the tunnels in the dark below and encountered only silence and stillness in their trek. Food and water were found along the way thanks to the talents of the deep gnomes and eventually the group found another side cave that they could spend the night in. Watch shifts were assigned and the group bedded down for the night.

Unlike the previous night, this one did not go smoothly. Eldeth woke from sleep naturally, confused at first as to why Topsy and Turvey had not come to get her for her watch. As she looked around, she saw that Topsy and Turvey were nowhere to be found. In the morning, the group discovered that the two deep gnomes had taken half of the food rations and left without a word. There was no malice felt by the group, only a sense of disappointment. The two gnomes had been skittish the entire time during their escape and had not integrated well with the group. The fact that they chose to slip away was not surprising.

The group continued on until they came to a fork in the tunnel network. Ian moved ahead and ventured to the right while the group stayed behind. In a small room he discussed a thick, viscous substance dripping from the wall. Quickly the substance collected into a large pool on the ground and then lunged forward towards the halfling. Ian was able to quickly retreat to the group where Jaragorn’s arrows made short work of the ooze before it could harm the group.

Realizing that the right path was a dead end, Ian and Jaragorn moved down the left passage, with heightened caution. They soon entered another large room with crumbling bits of buildings dotting the area, where a second pile of ooze was encountered and quickly dispatched. Outside of the ooze, there was nothing else in the room so the group moved forward into another room where they encountered a strange sight.

There, suspended in mid air was a twisted,contorted lifeless Drow. The group was not sure what they were seeing until an innocent, almost child like voice spoke to them. The group froze and looked at the lifeless Drow, not believing he was the one who spoke.

They were right.

As they looked closer they realized that the Drow was encased in a gelatinous cube of some sort. The group became tense and gripped their weapons tightly as they realized the extent of the monster before them. Before they could act any further, the child like voice spoke again, a sense of awe in its voice.

The group quickly realized that it was the cube itself that was speaking and it was named Glabbagool. The cube seemed to be awed by its surroundings; not entirely sure of how it got there and why a dead Drow was inside it. The group questioned it further while remaining vigilant, but the more the cub spoke, the more it became apparent that it was more curious then aggressive.

Ront was not impressed though. The orc was not happy with talking to the threat and wanted to kill it. Before he could act though, Gabriel strongly encouraged the Orc to stand down, and with great reluctance, the Orc did.

During this, Sayiel reached out with his powers of Arcane, trying to get a sense of what gifted this cube with sentience. All around him, Sayiel could feel pockets of magic, as if the walls between the mortal and mystical plane had been torn open. Magic had bled into this area and bestowed the cube with sentience.

Glabbagool continued to talk with the group and expelled the Drow at their request. Ian asked Glabbagool if it knew the way out of the caves and it said it did not. The group decided to exit the cave Glabbagool’s cave via a opening behind the cube, graciously offering point to it.The cube began to move towards the entrance and the group cautiously followed their new companion, not sure if it was friend or foe, or if this child like innocence knew just how dangerous it was.

Webs and Water

Seizing upon the opportunity provided by the ambush of the Drow, Gaberiel and Sayiel raced to the holding cell and freed their fellow captives. As the group made their way back towards the bridge they found that their Drow oppressors were no more; the flying beasts had made short work of them. Realizing that they did not have much time on their hands before more guards were summoned, the group crossed the bridge and into the room that held their gear.

Each of the group rearmed themselves with their original gear and added some additional weapons and equipment to their arsenals. They were outnumbered and deep in a Drow dungeon, so they were preparing for a fight.

The group discussed how they were going to get out of this perilous situation. The idea of fighting through the Drow was discussed but soon dismissed as they realized they did not know how many of the heathens there were lurking in the shadows. As they walked out onto another bridge, they could hear the sound of running water below and an idea began to take shape. All water flowed somewhere, and this water may lead to their escape,

The group decided that their best chance of escape was to enter the water below and follow it out. All that stood between them and the murky drink below was the giant spider webs and the beasts that spun them. Faced with the prospect of fighting the Drow and being recaptured, the group decided to take their chances with the eight legged monsters.

While gathering their courage for the leap of faith, Jaragorn looked off into the distance and his blood ran cold. There in the distance stood the apprentice to the Drow priestess watching them with cold eyes. Jaragorn’s heart sank as he realized that at any moment she would sound the alarm and they would be overrun. Steeling himself, he gripped his bow firm and prepared to use it against the eventual rush of guards.

But reinforcements did not come. With a smile that dripped poison and the promise of future malice, the apprentice looked the group over once more and then turned away. For a moment, Jaragorn was confused at what just happened but he did not have time to dwell on it as the group was ready to jump. He turned away and reported the strange sight he saw to the group but the importance of it was lost in the hurry to jump.

With a deep breath, each member of the group jumped over the sides of the bridge and into the webs below. Some landed on sure footing and were on their feet quickly, whiles others became ensnared in the sticky webbing. The shared experience of slavery had formed bonds between some members of the group, and while certain members quickly jumped from the webs to the waters below, others stayed behind to help those who were stuck. Those that stayed behind on the web knew that even though freedom was a mere drop below they were still in great danger.

As the group struggled to help those who were stuck in the webs, the monsters who had spun them felt the vibrations through the webbing and soon emerged to see what they had caught.

The spiders were gigantic, large ugly beasts with fur covered legs and bodies, with a sticky substance oozing from their fangs. These beasts had been denied food for a long time, and the ravages of hunger caused them to spring forward in hopes of devouring those still on the webs.

A fierce battle soon began, between the three giant spiders on the web, desperate with hunger, and those of the group who still remained behind. Jaragorn became ensnared by one of the beasts and struggled to break free, while Topsy was also immobilized by another. Moving swiftly to Jaragorn’s aide, Gabriel engaged the beast and began to hack at it with his sword. From below, Sayiel and the halfling hurled magic and arrows at the spiders, injuring them.

While the group put up a valiant fight, the spiders would not be so easily beaten. A giant spider managed to sink its huge fangs into Jaragon, gravely injuring him while another managed to cause a near mortal wound on Eldeth. After dispatching his spider, Gabriel swiftly moved to Eldeth and stabilize her before she slipped away forever.

With the spiders killed the rest of the group jumped into the waters below. Thankfully, there was shore close by and they all moved up onto it. Shuushar suggested that the group make way for his village which may be close by. With little options to choose from, the group agreed to make way to his village and entered a nearby cave system, glad to be putting the Drow dungeon behind them.

After walking for a few hours through the cave system, the group encountered an eerie green light softly glowing from a chamber up ahead. While discussing how they should enter this chamber, Sayiel, in a fit of impatience, rushed into the chamber. Upon entering the chamber, Sayiel caught a quick glimpse of various mushrooms before one exploded a cloud of spores in his face. The world spun around him, and Sayiel drifted away into unconsciousness.

The group found Sayiel and managed to rouse him. Sayiel reported a strange vision, where he was a beholder being chased by a Drow and his tracking beast. Just as he thought he managed to evade them, the Drow turned and spotted him, cornering him in this very chamber, then nothing…..

Exhausted, the group decided that this was the best place to rest for the time being. Watch shifts were assigned, and then the group slowly drifted into sleep. While exhaustion was pulling at them relentlessly, their minds refused to let them truly settle as they knew the Drow were looking for them and they did not take kindly to their slaves escaping.

The Story So Far

We found ourselves in the deepest dark with two hell gods fighting. Our dwarven allies tried to hold them at bay, but the power of the gods was too much. Torvalds, our mechanized ally, instructed us to work the Orderer to make everything right.

The Orderer vaporized Jaragorn, which means it was working as intended.

Gabriel climbed the back of a hell god and stabbed it in the ass cheek. Enough said.

The orderer activated and we found ourselves enslaved in a Drow prison. In it were a sentient fish, sentient toadstool, an orc, a drow, two under gnomes, Eledriel who took an arrow to the knee.

We had all spent varying amounts of time in the drow dungeon doing random, disgusting chores for our pitiless overlords. On the way back from their chores, Gabriel and Sayiel seized upon an opportunity that presented itself. As they were being marched back from stone moving, Gabriel and Sayiel’s escorts were attacked by flying lizards beasts who devoured the evil drow. Seizing upon the moment, Gabriel and Sayiel race to their filthy cell to release their captive comrades and try to escape this nightmare of slavery and torment.

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