The Darkest Adventure

Setting Sail

After the grueling fight with the demon, the adventurers wearily decided to make camp for the night in order to rest and recover their strength. As the camp fire was lit and everyone took their spot around it, some of the adventurers started to speak candidly about their past. Sensing where the conversation was going, Ian Cognito melted away into the shadows out of sight.

Ian’s disappearance did not go unnoticed by some of the party. In a calm, level voice, Gabriel spoke aloud to the whole cavern and asked Ian if he would join the group and share some of his past. At this point, they had all been through so much together, members of the group wanted to know who it was they were fighting alongside.

A few minutes wore on and there was still no sign of Ian until the group heard a polite cough behind them and turned to find the Halfling perched on a rock. Ian looked at the group and decided to share some of his past history with them. Ian described himself as a thief and had trusted the wrong people in the past which had lead to great hardship for him. This caused him to be very weary of trusting others but given all they had been through up to this point, Ian was begrudgingly beginning to have some faith in his companions. Ian then tossed a green bracelet back to Gabriel with a sly smile and wink. Gabriel examined the bracelet and realized that it was one that was supposed to be in his backpack. As he slowly returned the bracelet to his backpack, Gabriel realized just how stealthy the Halfling could be.

After resting for the night, the group carried on through the tunnels with Shattercock leading the way. A few days had passed when the adventurers encountered a small cave with a curious patch of brown moss growing in one side. As they neared the moss the air became bone chilling cold, almost to the point of freezing their flesh. The strange moss seemed to be producing this cold, and incredibly, would quickly grow towards any heat source. Gabriel tried to move past the moss but ventured too close and found his flesh quickly frostbitten. The cold was immense and almost overwhelming, but Gabriel’s firm resolve helped him resist the pain. Learning from his mistakes, the group cautiously moved past the moss with as much distance between it and them as possible.

A while later, the group encountered a lake that Shattercock recognized as being close to the town and let the group know they had two options for entering: they could proceed through the main gate and run the risk of being captured by slavers, or arrive via both through the docks, allowing them to slip in more quietly. The group quickly agreed to enter via the docks but the lack of aquatic transportation was an issue. Nearby giant mushrooms could be carved into boats, but they were not large enough to carry everyone. Discouraged yet still determined, the group set off down the shoreline hoping to find another method of crossing the water.

About an hour after leaving the giant mushrooms, the group came across some dwarven fishermen who were tying up their boats. One of these boats, in combination with the giant mushrooms would provide enough space for all of them to cross. Ian strode up to the dwarves and proceeded to barter with them over their boats. The Halfling was a shrewd negotiator and with some uncanny skill, managed to bargain with one of the dwarves to purchase his boat for an undisclosed amount of coins. With a boat secured, the group began to carve out some rough canoes from the giant mushrooms and began to make ready to enter the city where the threat of slavery awaited.


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