The Darkest Adventure

Payment Owed

With Gabriel at the front, the group entered the small opening in the side of the crevasse and found themselves in a tunnel system. Gabriel asked Mugwai to cast an illumination spell on his armor to provide some light. Mugwai seemed almost reluctant to do this but then clumsily flailed his hands around in the air and muttered some words that seemed to get stuck in his mouth. Suddenly, Gabriel’s armor began to emit a pinkish glow that provided illumination in the area. Mugwai then hung his head in shame for not being able to cast a simple illumination cantrip and muttered something about pink being his favourite colour.
Moving through the tunnels, bathed in the glow of the pink light from Gabriel’s armor, the group followed the tracks of Drowki which lead them to a small cave. There in the corner was a crack in the wall too small for Drowki to have gone through, let alone the adventurers.

Looking around the cave area, the group found different bunches of mushrooms which they recognized as Big Wigs and Pigmy Worts; the former could make them grow when eaten while the latter would make them shrink. Seeing discarded Pigmy Wort stalks around them, the group realized that Drowki must have eaten some, shrunk down a few sizes, and squeezed through the crack. The group consumed some Pigmy Worts themselves and incredibly, shrunk down to a size that would let them go through the narrow crack.

After emerging from the other side, the group consumed some Big Wigs and returned to their normal size. They continued to follow Drowki’s tracks which lead them to a strange chamber, bathed in phasic light. There in the middle of the chamber was a ramp and steps that lead to a platform; the top of which could not be seen due to a smothering darkness.
Cautiously, the group climbed the steps and emerged at the top of the platform.
They could see nothing, yet seemed to be able to hear almost everything. Noises, voices, and screams echoed all around them yet all they could see was the eerie phasic light. Some of the group tried to focus on the sounds which resulted in an incredibly sharp pain exploding in their heads. Mugwai was able to make out a conversation about a dragon’s egg and focused on it. Hearing that the egg was being kept in these very tunnels, he tried to listen more but the words faded away into the barrage of other voices and sounds. Mugwai focused again and heard two Darrow talking about the treasures from the surface, but those voices soon faded away into the roaring noise.

Unable to take any more, the group descended the steps and got their bearings. They soon spied another crack in the wall with the tell tale signs of discarded Pigmy Wort stalks. Repeating what they did before, the group shrunk down and squeezed through the crack to emerge in another tunnel to suddenly be greeted with their target.

There at the end of the tunnel was Drowki talking to a grey dwarf standing in a door way; the glow of phasic light all around them. Knowing how quick the Darrow was, the group stayed in the shadows and watched the exchange. Eventually, the grey dwarf closed the door and Drowki turned to walk down a side tunnel.

Jaragorn swiftly and silently moved down the tunnel and turned the corner to see the Darrow about 50 feet in the distance. Jaragorn drew and arrow from his quiver and fired it at Drowki, hoping to only wound him. The arrow sunk deep into the flesh of the Darrow’s shoulder and he screamed in pain. Turning his head, he saw the group of adventurers emerging from the shadows with malice in their eyes. Ian fired a shot from his crossbow and this to found purchase in Drowki’s flesh. With another painful squeal, the Darrow began to run down the tunnels.
he group gave chase and were slowly gaining ground on their target when suddenly Drowki clicked his heels together. Incredibly, Drowki’s speed doubled and he managed to easily start to pull away from the group.
Ignoring any possibility of danger, Gabriel continued to barge through the tunnels as he pursued the Darrow. Rounding a corner, he spied Drowki running alongside a pool of water and he continued to give chase. As Gabriel drew closer to the pool of water, a figured leaped from the pool and threw itself at the Paladin. Lying in wait for something to cross its path, a Water Wyrd had finally been rewarded for its patience and sprung its trap.

The Water Wyrd lunged at Gabriel who managed to deflect the blow with his shield. Out of the corner of his eye he was able to see Drowki continuing to get away. With swift precision, Gabriel drew a javelin from his back and hurled it at Drowki. The spear caught the Darrow in the leg and he fell to the ground in a heap. Turning his attention back to the Water Wyrd, Gabriel deflected another blow from it with his shield ready to wreck bloody vengeance on the creature.

The group caught up with Gabriel and saw the battle he was in. Magic and arrows peppered the Water Wyrd while Gabriel and Ian hacked at it with their swords. The Water Wyrd managed to grab hold of Ian, but the little Halfling was too nimble for the beast and managed to wiggle his way out of its grasp.
he ranged fire was too much for the beast, and with one final arrow from Jaragorn, the creature shuddered painfully and then collapsed back into the pool.

Marching over to the still body of Drowki, Gabriel looked down and saw that he was still alive. Gabriel knelt next to the Darrow and pulled off the magical boots he had used to boost his speed then removed all the projectiles from him. Drowki’s wounds began to slowly dribble blood onto the cave floor when Gabriel grabbed the Darrow by the throat and pinned him to the wall. Magically, Drowki’s wounds began to knit and heal as the blood flow stopped. Drowki groggily regained consciousness to find Gabriel staring at him with a look of cold iron in his own eyes.

“Hello Drowki. We have some unfinished business you and I” Gabriel spoke with a level voice, which somehow made the statement even more unnerving.

The Darrow squealed and thrashed in Gabriel’s steel grip but was not able to escape.

Drowki claimed he delivered the message and exclaimed that they were all dead; the grey ghosts would get them. Gabriel did not believe Drowki so he had the Darrow restrained with rope while he continued his questioning.

Drowki growled and hissed as the adventurers looked through his messenger bag. In amongst the bag where bugs, scrolls, flasks and other random junk. Drowki was going to be making a delivery to cultists a little further up the tunnels but now the adventurers had ruined it.

Standing in the cavern the group discussed what they would do next: go back to the door that led to the grey ghosts, or proceed on ahead. Regardless of their decision, the restrained Darrow would certainly play his part in their plan.


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