The Darkest Adventure

Of Fish and Friends

After vanquishing the herd of fire beetles, the adventures set off down the winding tunnel once again seeking an escape from the Underdark. Two days of uneventful travel passed before they found the tunnel opening onto what appeared to be a beach that gently sloped into an underground lake. The group was cautious and fanned out from the mouth of the tunnel and checked the immediate area for danger but found none.

After securing the area, Shuushar exclaimed that he was familiar with this lake and that the group was only one days travel from his home. The adventurers agreed to get some rest first before heading out again so they moved back into the tunnel so that they were not exposed in the open while they rested. Gabriel and Jaragorn took first watch and hoped for an uneventful night but it was not to be.

Shortly after bedding down, Gabriel and Jaragorn heard the sound of something moving on the water but could not make out what it was due to the darkness. Quickly, the two sentries woke the rest of the group and asked Shuushar to use his dark vision to see out onto the lake.

ShuShar stepped out onto the beach and was greeted with an incredible sight. A handful of boats were beaching themselves and out stepped other Kuo-Toa similar to Shuushar, eight in total. Shuushar’s mood quickly became jubilant at the site of his kin and he happily waved to them thinking salvation had found them.

It had not.

One of the Kuo-Toa stepped from the pack and was clearly the leader. The leader of the newly landed Kuo-Toa viciously fish slapped Shuushar across the face, without a word. ShuShar was spun around on the spot and crumpled into a senseless heap on the beach.

During all of this, the rest of the adventurers had watched the newly arrived Kuo-Toa wearily and as soon as ShuShar was felled they sprang into action. Even though it was dark, the adventurers charged from the tunnel entrance to help their friend.

A vicious melee broke out between the Kuo-Toa and the adventurers. The Kuo-Toa soon made their intentions clear: they were not interested in slaughter but instead wanted to take everyone captive as they threw large, heavy nets at the adventurers.

Those of the group that had closed the distance to fight with sword and axe soon quickly found themselves restrained in the large, heavy nets; unable to move or fight. The ranged adventurers tried as best they could to strike from afar but the smothering darkness made it difficult to pick a target.

Seeing the disadvantage poised to his comrades by the darkness, Sayiel muttered an ancient incantation and soon the whole area was bathed in an eldritch light that illuminated all the Kuo-Toa and their captives. With renewed purpose, the ranged adventurers began to pick their targets and rain steel and sorcery on them.

Those that were restrained tried to free themselves from the nets but it was difficult. Gabriel managed to cut through a portion of his net and partially escape but enough of it still clung to his armor to impede his movement. Seeing his prize about to escape, the leader of the Kuo-Toa leaped onto Gabriel and tackled him to the ground.

Soon it became obvious that the tide of the battle had turned to the favour of the Kuo-Toa, as those adventurers restrained in the nets were dragged towards their waiting boats and an unspeakable fate. Ian Cognito had been a blur of shadow and steel through the melee but one of the Kuo-toa managed to single him out and throw a spear at him, viciously wounding the halfling. Jaragorn saw Gabriel’s plight and fired an arrow at the Kuo-Toa leader just as Gabriel threw him clear. The arrow struck the leader in the shoulder and enraged him. With fury in his eye, the Kuo-Toa leader vented his rage on Gabriel, biting and striking him while he was still restrained in the shreds of the net. Helpless, Gabriel was struck down by the leader and lay still on the ground, bleeding from multiple wounds.

Just as all seemed lost, a second group of Kuo-Toa joined the fight and began to strike at the would be captors. The adventurers did not know what to make of these new fighters: were they friend of foe? As if sensing this was when he was needed most, Stool waddled out from the tunnel entrance and blanketed the area with this spores, imparting the gift of understanding amongst everyone.

This new group of Kuo-Toa were indeed friends and lead by Ploopploopeen the arch priest and they were indeed there to help the adventurers. With this new help, the adventurers managed to free themselves from the nets and strike down their original Kuo-Toa would be captors.

As the battle raged on Sayiel saw Gabriel near death on the beach with the Kuo-Toa leader standing over him. With no thought to his own well being, Sayiel ducked and weaved through to battle and knelt beside Gabriel. Once again muttering an incantation, Sayiel laid his hands on Gabriel and the latter’s bleeding quickly subsided. Gabriel had been stabilized for now but was still badly hurt.

Soon the Kuo-Toa captors were slain. Ploopploopeen saw the damage that was wrought and channeled ancient magics to heal the injured adventurers. Wearily they rose to their feet and met their saviors, suspicious of what had transpired. Ploopploopeen told them that in his village a religious war had broken out between the followers of the Sea Mother and those who worshiped the Deep Father. Ploopploopeen was a devotee of the Sea Mother but his own daughter had defected and now served the Deep Father. Ploopploopeen spoke of the horrific sacrifices being made in the name of the Deep Father and how it has corrupted his home. Ploopploopeen promised the adventurers many shinies if they could help him disrupt his daughter’s sacrifice and discredit the Deep Father. Indebted to Ploopploopeen and his warriors, the adventurers agreed to help and made their way to the town.

After arriving in the Kuo-Toa town and paying tribute at a statue of the Sea Mother, Ploopploopeen instructed the adventurers to remain in the southern portion of the town while they rested. Some shops existed that may have wares the adventurers were interested in and they should explore them if they wished. Wearily, the group discussed their next moves as the shadow of the Deep Father loomed over them all in the Kuo-Toa town.


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