The Darkest Adventure

Don't Feed the Wildlife

Once again the group woke in the dark below and wearily got to their feet. They trudged on through the caves hoping that at some point they would escape the underdark.

As Gabriel rounded a corner the wall next to him appeared to come to life and large tentacles suddenly whipped towards him. Blocking the first swiping tentacle, Gabriel saw that it was not the wall that had come to life, instead it was a rocktopus that was hungry for a meal. With a warcry the group engaged the rocktopus and quickly slaughtered the beast taking only a few bruises and scraps from the fight.

After finishing scraping bits of rocktopus from their weapons the group continued their trek through the cave system all the while casting a weary eye on the walls. It was not long before a noxious smell began to permeate the area and more than one stomach began to turn at the stench.

Ian rounded a corner and saw the source of a smell: pools or gurgling, putrid slime had concentrated in an area and the gas it gave off was almost overpowering. Ian was about to turn and leave when he spied a treasure chest in the middle of the slime pools. No respectful adventurer can resist treasure so the halfling cautiously approached the treasure chest and inspected it. The chest appeared to be normal with no obvious traps so Ian opened it slowly hoping to get a glimpse of the treasure inside.

Without warning, tentacles shot out of the treasure chest and latched onto the halfing. This was not a treasure chest but a mimic! Ian let loose a cry that caused the rest of the group to quickly run to his aid trying not to be overcome by the noxious fumes.

It took the combined might of the group but they managed to remove the mimic from Ian and slay it. With no treasure to be found the group once again slowly trudged on until they came to another cave that looked like a suitable place to rest for the night. The group once again bedded down for the night and tried to rest.

Unlike past nights, this night proved to be eventful. Jaragorn was on watch when he noticed a faint glow coming down the cave system from the direction the group had come. Waking some members of the group with a shout, Jaragorn readied his arrows and watched as the light sources came into view.

Twelve fire beetles marched down the tunnel towards the group, seemingly oblivious to their presence. Taking no chances, Jaragorn fired an arrow into a beetle which pierced its carapace, dispatching the skittering beast. Gabriel was on his feet and stood in the doorway to the group’s cave and became the wall that the fire beetles would not pass. Sayiel used his magic to put a handful of the beetles to sleep out in the hall while the rest tried to get into the cave at the adventures.

The beetles proved to be no match for our intrepid adventurers as they were all quickly slain with little effort. After the brief fight the group returned to slumber and awoke in the morning different than the night before.

Once again, a sense of renewed confidence began to fill the weary limbs of the adventurers as old forgotten skills came slowly back to them. Fighting techniques were remembered, skills relearned, and the incantations for powerful spells were spoken with more confidence. The adventurers were getting stronger with each passing day and the underdark would not be able to hold them for much longer.


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