The Darkest Adventure

Dark Portents

After meeting with the great red dragon, the adventurers discussed amongst themselves where they should begin their hunt for the missing egg. Remembering the promise of a favour owed to them by the giants, the group set off to their camp to see if they could learn of anything of importance.

The group made their way back to the Blade Bazaar and came upon the entrance to the giant settlement where they were escorted in with little ceremony or hassle. As the group walked through the gate they saw the the settlement of the giants for the first time and witnessed the almost peaceful, simple existence they lived which seemed at odds with their sheer size.

The adventurers were lead to a cave where they were greeted by an older looking giant named Hgraam. Hgraam told them that he was the stone speaker of the tribe and interpreted the powerful words spoken to him by the earth all around. In the middle of the cave, the group gazed in awe as they witnessed Hgraam lift his large hands into the air and begin to tell the tale of the dark visions he had seen.

The earth had cried out in pain to Hgraam and spoke of dark horrors, violence, and chaotic change across the land. Hgraam claimed that the earth was almost twisting in agony from the dark magics that polluted it, causing tremors and earthquakes throughout the underdark. The stone speaker continued and warned of terrible omens such as bloody faces hovering in the air, mutations in the underdark inhabitants, and an ancient evil that was beginning to stir all around them.

Taking his hands down from the air, Hgraam looked at the group and told them to tread carefully wherever they went: the earth could tell him no more but what it did say deserved to be heeded. The adventurers nodded slowly for they had seen parts of this vision already come to pass, and more dark horrors undoubtedly awaited them all.

After asking the giant some more questions, the group bade him farewell and went back to the Blade Bazaar. Gabriel and Jaragorn were interested in purchasing some armor so they headed to the armorsmith to make their purchase. Similar to the store they had seen before, the shop was tended by a grey dwarf who again regarded them with some suspicion and curiosity. The shopkeepers concerns were soon smoothed over when the heroes produced their coin pounces and inquired about what they could purchase. With little haggling, Gabriel purchased a suit of onyx black plate mail and Jaragorn a set of studded leather armor.

Upon exiting the shop the group decided to track down the courier for the Grey Ghosts who was known to frequent the Blade Bazaar. Ian suggested that he go alone to try and track down the courier given that he may be thief as well. Agreeing with the halfling, the group stayed back and waited for Ian to make contact.

It did not take long for the gaudily dressed, humanoid rat to make an appearance. With discreet, calm moves, Ian navigated the crowd like a shark through the water and saddled up next to the little man rat. Speaking in thieves cant, Ian tried to strike up a conversation with the little man rat.

The little courier was startled to hear the strange language from behind him and quickly turned his head to see the source of the sounds. Seeing Ian staring right at him, the little rat man took off running the crowd, scurrying away through the packed streets. Ian took off after him but quickly began to lose ground on the swift little courier.

Gabriel had lost sight of Ian in the thick, busy crowd but spied a commotion occurring on the far end of the street; almost as if people were being shoved out of the way or had to avoid stepping on something. Breaking into a run, Gabriel and the rest of the adventurers headed into the direction of the disturbance and caught up to Ian who had almost lost sight of the little rat. There in the distance, they could still see him, but he suddenly turned a corner and then disappeared.

The group rounded the corner and found no trace of their quarry. Before them they saw a tunnel that lead into the ground below, and another street off to the side, but no sign of the little man rat. Mugwai then noticed some small tracks into leading into the tunnel that looked fresh and had been made by a small figure. Realizing that their pursuit would take them deeper underground, the group prepared themselves for what waited in the dark below, .


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