The Darkest Adventure

Against the Flow

As Glabbagool lead the way, the group of adventurers warily walked down the narrow pathway ahead while keeping a close eye on their new gelatinous companion. As they rounded a corner they were suddenly attacked by another pile of grey ooze that rounded the corner. Like those that came before, the ooze was quickly dispatched and its remnants were splashed across the cave wall.

After much walking the group came across three distinct tunnels entrances. Cautiously, the halfling crept down each of the tunnels to investigate what was in each. Thanks to his keen eyes, Ian was able to spot suspicious looking tiles on the floor that no doubt were traps in disguise. When he emerged on the other side, Ian found that all three tunnels lead to single room with a fountain. After surveying the scene, Ian returned to the group and reported on what he saw. It was agreed that those who were able to jump over the trapped floor tiles would venture down to the fountain room to investigate. Armed with this knowledge members of the the group ventured down into a tunnel while avoiding the trapped tile.

Or so they thought.

As Sayiel jumped the tile he landed just short of safety and his back foot crashed into the trapped tile. The tile crumbled instantly and as Sayiel regained his footing on solid ground, a huge black pulsating mass of goo shot forth from the hole in the floor, clinging to the ceiling and surrounding walls.

Sayiel shouted a warning to the group and tried to put as much distance between himself and black ooze as possible. The sickly black mass had now completely emerged from the trap and was beginning to slide down the hallway towards the group.

Gabriel moved to confront the mass and bare its advance down the halls while Jaragorn rained arrows on it from afar. Sayiel turned and began hurling bolts of eldritch energy at monstrosity when Ian turned the corner and saw the horror they were facing. The halfing had a look of shock on his face when he recognized the black goo as no ordinary pile of ooze; it was a black pudding!

While the group continued to fight the black pudding on one side of the broken floor tile, Gront appeared at the opposite end and witnessed the fierce fight that had broken out. Rage and frustration had been building in the Orc over the past while and this was the chance to let loose his fury on a valid target. With a roar, the Orc jumped the tile and began attacking the pudding. In short order, the group managed to best the black pudding leaving little evidence in the area that it had ever existed.

The group then moved on to the fountain room and saw a strange sight: there in the middle of a room stood a fountain with a destroyed statue perched on top of it. Where the once stood a majestic statue now only clawed feet remained. As the group surveyed the room, they found three grey oozes suspended in the air like pillars all in the corner of the room. Sayiel reached out with his mind and detected traces of magic in the air similar to the ruptures they had encountered earlier in the caves.

The group searched the room and Gabriel found a pile of treasure in the room that consisted of a healing potion, gold pieces, oil, and a dagger which he generously shared with this comrades.

After the loot was distributed the group searched the fountain room and found nothing of interest outside of the suspended oozes so they backtracked to another side room. There again was an empty space, but there in the ceiling was a small crack with water rushing down from it. As the group gazed at this waterfall they realized that the cave system was beginning to fill with water and that time was not on their side.

Discussions were had on how to get out of this cave system and it was decided that the suspended oozes may hold the secret to their escape so members of the group returned to the fountain room. The stasis was interrupted and the oozes were slain but nothing happened. Finally the decision was made to try a last ditch effort as the water was steadily rising.

The group returned to the waterfall room and prepared themselves. Sayiel hurled bolts of magic at the rocks above, splintering and fracturing them from the ceiling. As the rocks fell from above, more water rushed in but the group would not be deterred. Sayiel continued his barrage and the hole widened and the water rushed in with thunderous force. Fortunately, Jaragorn had the foresight to recommend that everyone hold onto a rope so that they would not get separated when the water poured in. The idea proved to be sound as the group was able to swim against the current and into the room above but not everyone was lucky. Without a sound, Glabbagol was swept away by the water.

The group emerged in the room above and exited the water. Exhausted, they bedded down for the night and tried to recover their spent strength.


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